Simultaneous or concurrent wireles device connections

How do I get my laptop connected to the wireless printer and the wireless router at the same time?  Suddenly, I can not  make an internet connection without first disconnecting the (HP) wireless printer (in the taskbar)  and then connecting the (Belkin) wireless router.  And vice versa, if the internet/router is "connected" (in the taskbar), whether I am actually browsing or not, I cannot print.
I am using HP Pavilion dv5 and OJ8625 printer.
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Just for completeness - there's a less perfect solution to your problem: You might get a WLAN stick for your laptop as second wlan adapter. Using both interfaces, you could communicate to the router with the internal interface and to the printer with the other (or vice versa :).

But that's the least desireable option besides of connecting to the printer or the router by an ethernet cable.
You could only log into ONE wlan at a time, and printer/router form two separate wlans (as long as you have only one WLAN adapter, which is the standard).

I think you'll have to integrate the printer into the router's WLAN (or connect it with a LAN cable, if supported by printer & router). The printer's manual should tell you how.

Then connect the laptop to the router and point the printer driver to the address the router has assigned to the printer.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Frank is right.  I suspect that you set up 'Wireless Direct' instead of wireless.  'Wireless Direct' sets up a separate wireless network which is probably why you are having to switch back and forth.  I recommend to all of my clients that they connect their 'wireless' printers thru a wired connection to their router and turn off the wireless features in the printer.  That reduces problems and interference.
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