Having a Countifs Statement Work with a Filter

I have a formula that EE Pros just helped me properly adjust.  It does a great job..... but here is my question.  I want to put a filter on each column then depending on what I filter, I want the formulas to change.  (I'm using the formulas to construct a Dashboard and I do not want to use a pivot table.  So when I filter on a column, how do I get it to only count those variables which are showing?

Thank you in advance..... and here is the original formula:

=countifs(j1:j115,"Sales Rep", B11:B115,"Yes").

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Bright01Author Commented:
OK.... maybe more explanation is due here.  I don't want the formulas to change.  I simply want the formula to work on the filtered data.

Does that help?


pls try

=SUMPRODUCT(SUBTOTAL(103,OFFSET(B1,ROW(B1:B115)-ROW(B1),0,1)),--(B1:B115="Sales Rep"),--(J1:J115="Yes"))


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Bright01Author Commented:
I'll give it a shot!

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Bright01Author Commented:
Rgonzo.... brilliant!  What does the 103 reference?  My first line of data actually begins at row 12 so I modified your statement to read =sumproduct(subtotal(103,offset(a12,row(A12:a115)-row(a12),0,1)),--(a12:a115="Speaker"),--(B12:b115="Yes"))   That seems to work.  I don't understand the 103 reference.  Is there anything I need to be careful of....?   Like adding lines in the data?

Thank you,

the Subtotal function with 103 does COUNTA on the visible cells of the range

Returns a subtotal in a list or database.

SUBTOTAL(function_num,ref1,[ref2],...])The SUBTOTAL function syntax has the following arguments (argument: A value that provides information to an action, an event, a method, a property, a function, or a procedure.):

Function_num   Required. The number 1 to 11 (includes hidden values) or 101 to 111 (ignores hidden values) that specifies which function to use in calculating subtotals within a list.Function_num
(includes hidden values) Function_num
(ignores hidden values) Function
2 102 COUNT
3 103 COUNTA
4 104 MAX
5 105 MIN
7 107 STDEV
8 108 STDEVP
9 109 SUM
10 110 VAR
11 111 VARP
Bright01Author Commented:
Great job!  Thanks so much.

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