Credit Card Payments

I have set up a website that accepts credit cards and Electronic  Checks. I have to add a 3% fee on the credit card payment (not on the Echeck) I am using wordpresss plugin(author and do not see an option for this. How can I incorporate this into my website.
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Ray PaseurCommented:
No points for this, please, because it is not an answer - just a concept.  Why not use PayPal?  All of this can be very simple!
HidesignAuthor Commented:
I agree - The client has already set up
Well, first - consider yourself lucky. It was just a couple of years ago the Visa said this was ok (January 2013), just a couple of years ago.  Well almost.  In some states, you cannot charge a surgcharge if the customer uses Visa:
New York

Now, an e-commerce discount rate is 1.99%. A transaction fee is $.25.  You (the merchant) must notify Visa and the acquiring bank within 30 days of doing so.  And you can't charge a flat fee...  Let's say you the total is $100.00.  So the merchant is paying $2.24 for said transaction.  So the merchant just made $.76 - they can't do that.

Assuming in the United States, debit / pre-paid cards cannot be surcharged.

Remember 20 years ago, merchants gave people a cash discount. It's all in the way it's worded.  

Have your merchant check with the acquiring bank because is only a payment gateway.  

Some merchants also have to pay a gateway fee, a batch fee, an AVS (Address Verification Fee), deposit fee, a monthly fee.  

Here you go: Surgcharging.  

If the merchant has not signed a contract - some require three years - tell them to consider another merchant account and payment gateway.  Some companies are not even charging for the payment gateway and they have vetting tools to help prevent chargebacks.
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HidesignAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the info. I will be contacting the merchant tomorrow to get all the questions answered.
HidesignAuthor Commented:
I spoke to and they said the it was ok to charge a surcharge as long as the merchant lets the customer know what it is.  
If this is correct then I need to figure out how to do this since the plugin I am using does not have this built in. Could I do this with gravity forms.
coreybryantCommented: is not your acquirer - it is only an electronic payment gateway.  Ask them about surcharging a debit card - if they tell you yes, then you know they are wrong.  Take a look at 7 Steps: Credit Card Process. You will see they are only an electronic payment gateway and they are not qualified to answer.  

Or what did they say about notifying?  Here: Notification of Intent to Surcharge to Visa.

When you get a merchant account, you sign up with a company that also has an acquiring bank to accept the payments.  Some provider have their own gateway, some gateways are free and provide free scrubbing to prevent fraud and some chargebacks,  Discount rate is usually about $1.99%.  

Plus another important thing - when calling a large corporation, call at least 2X if not more.  Chances are you will give  different answers.  

But is not right / they are not qualified to give you an answer on surcharging.  If you surcharge every single transactions, you could lose your merchant account and end up on the TMF / MATCH list.  It will be very difficult and very expensive to get a merchant account.

Please call your acquiring bank.  You might not even know who they are since the merchant has given you access to the payment gateway, since the developer needs that access.  Ask the merchant who the merchant account provider is.

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