MS Access freezes when opening under a network account.

Hi All,

weird problem I am having. I have a users who tries to open an access database, the database just freezes up the windows computer.

what is really weird is if I login under my own account or another user account we can open the database with out a problem....

So I tried recreated the windows profile. but the problem returned. I then decided to login to another computer as the user and got the same problem. Access freezes only under this one users profile on any windows 7 computer.

I then tried to login as this user under a windows 8 computer, the problem does not happen on windows 8 domain computers. only on a windows 7 domain computer and only using this one individual's account.

any help will be highly appreciated.

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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
I know that you've recreated the user account, but the obviously culprit in this issue is still the user account.

Are you absolutely sure you recreated the account, and did not just "restore" it? If it were me, I'd completely remove the old account and then create a new account, with the same credentials as the old one.
mildogzAuthor Commented:
Yes I am positive... I even took another computer and logged in with the same user account and got the same results. I just found a solution about 2 minutes ago, more like a band aide, If I run as administrator when opening access it works. so what I did was checked to always run access as the administrator so that I will always work. but I am still baffled as to what is really causing the problem with this user account.

FYI - the user account has full permission to the access database in security.

although this is a band aide it will get the user working while I try to figure out the real cause.  Please folks feel free to bring some more ideas, I will be willing try keep trying to fix with out having to run MS as Administrator. Thanks.
Robert ShermanOwnerCommented:
You say the user has full permission to the Access database, but does the user account have write permissions on the FOLDER that the database file is stored in?   Access needs the ability to create a separate lock file, usually in the same directory as the database file itself.  The lock file has the same name, but with a .ldb or .laccdb extension.  Perhaps with that user account Access can not create the lock file?
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mildogzAuthor Commented:
that's a good Point Robert, I will definitely look at the folder permissions tomorrow. I am 95% sure he has modify rights on that folder.  but I will double check. Although the only conflict I have with this suggestion is that, I copied the file to the local computer and the user is a full local admin but still the problem occurred. I would think that would eliminate a permission issue at least at the local folder level.... what are your thoughts?  thanks. please keep the suggestions coming. thank you all.
Robert ShermanOwnerCommented:
How about startup options in the database file?  Perhaps there's an AutoExec macro or event that's being triggered when you open the file and something inside of that is doing something based on the user's name which is running into an endless loop or something...  (almost like that sentence!)  

Open the Access application (without a file).   With Access loaded, go to the "File" tab and select "Open".  Navigate to the problem file and select it with just a SINGLE click (we don't want to open it just yet).   Now, hold down one of the SHIFT keys and don't let it go until I say so.  With the mouse, click the "Open" button now to open the file we selected in the previous step.  Keep the SHIFT key pressed, this will prevent any startup macros or code from running.  You may see one or more alerts about bypassing the startup options -- click through any of those that come up, while STILL HOLDING SHIFT.  Eventually this should bring you to the Navigation pane of the database (where your tables, queries, forms.. are listed).    Once you are there you can release the shift key.

If you can get this far without it freezing, then we've narrowed it down to a macro or code issue.   From there it would just be a matter of figuring out what is running on startup and looking at the source code for anything user-specific.

Obviously, if Access still freezes when you bypass the startup items we'll need to look at other possibilities.

Good luck!

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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Odd as it may sound, you could also have issues with a default Printer for that user. Access uses the default printer for a LOT of things, so try changing that user's default printer to something different.

I'd think that startup or macros would affect all users, not just one, but it's worth giving Robert's suggestion a shot.
mildogzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions guys. So here is what I have done. Starting with Scott's suggestion first. The default printer is definitely something that I heard of in the past so I had already tried removing all printers from the profile just to eliminate some weird printer driver issue. That was not the problem, but still a good suggestion.

 Moving on To Roberts suggestion - this makes sense. cause the users were actually trained to run this particular access database file by holding down the shift key to open the file. (which until now I really did not know why they held down the shift key to open the file) the file opens blank if you don't hold down the shift key...

once the file opens and the user accesses a table on the left side, that is when the file freezes up.

dumb question...  if an access database opens blank and only opens tables when holding down the shift key. then the only way to open it successfully is by opening it  with out macros or codes. So what exactly does that say about the database file over all?  ( am I working with a file that had problems from the start?)  in which someone originally found a work around by having the users open it by disabling the macro and codes? sorry if I sounds a bit confused here. I rarely troubleshoot access problems.  Thank you guys for your suggestions I think as Robert said - We have narrowed it down to a macro or code issue which I need more help in troubleshooting how to fix. Please keep the advice coming. Thanks guys.
mildogzAuthor Commented:
I would also like to add that I checked the macro settings which are set to disable all macros with notification.
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
I had already tried removing all printers from the profile
I'm sure you've already done this, but Access requires a valid printer to be installed in order to function properly. So if you removed all of them, and did NOT add one back, you may have issues.

Again, I'm sure you installed a default printer and if so please ignore this.

Regarding startup code/macros - there are 3 ways code can run during startup:

1. Set the "Startup Form" in the Options section. If you do this, any code in the Open, Load and (perhaps) Current event could fire. Check to be sure you're not doing that.

2. Create a macro named "AutoExec". Any actions placed in that macro would fire when the database is opened.

3. Create a shortcut that uses the "/x macro_name" switch. This isn't your issue, I don't think, but I'm including it for completeness.

So check those and post back with your results.

As to the other issue you raise re: "am I working with a file that had problems from the start?". It's entirely possible, given the odd method your users have of opening the file. Users should never have to override startup options to use the database, so I'd first find out what's going on with that.

Have you performed maintenance on the database? To do that, first make a Copy, then do this:

1. Compact the database
2. Compile the database - from the VBA Editor click Debug - Compile. Fix any errors, and continue doing this until the menu item is disabled.
3. Compact again.

You may also need to Decompile the database. To do this, create a standard desktop shortcut with this as the Target:

"full path to msaccess.exe" "full path to your db" /decompile

Run that shortcut, then do the 3 steps above again.

Finally, you may want to import everything from the old db into a new, blank database.

Also be sure that everyone is fully updated regarding Office and Windows.

Also be sure you're correctly deploying the application. The correct way to deploy and use a multiuser Access application is to split the database in a BackEnd (Tables only) and a FrontEnd (everything else). Link the Backend tables back to the FE, and then make copies of the FE and install them on each users desktop. Users should NOT share the same copy from a network share - that's just asking for troubles.

Also be sure that everyone is using the same version of Access.
mildogzAuthor Commented:
Looks like I will need some step by step instructions to try this. I have no idea what I am doing in MS Access. step by step would be very helpful. thanks Scott.
mildogzAuthor Commented:
update -

I imported the whole database to a new MS Access database and no longer have the freezing problem... by doing this will there be any negative impacts that I should watch out for? can this cause any issues in the future with this database?

what are your thoughts?

mildogzAuthor Commented:
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