SBS 2011 Folder Redirection problems

SBS 2011 power failure caused unbelievable corruption.
Rebuilt server from scratch.
Created same users as before.
Unjoined desktops from domain.
Rejoined domain using http://connect
Setup RedirectedFolders share and folder redirection via wizard.
When user logs in to client system the error generated in the event logs is:
Event ID 502
Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Documents" to "\\CT2011\RedirectedFolders\jp\My Documents".
 Redirection options=0x80009231.
 The following error occurred: "Can not create folder "\\CT2011\RedirectedFolders\jp\My Documents"".
 Error details: "Access is denied.

Not very server literate so please explain how to do what you want me to try or how to get the information you seek to help me.
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Jeff PerkinsOwnerAsked:
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Jeff PerkinsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but the problem is my user folders don't even get created.... the path for the shares is: \\ct2011\users\folderRedirections   but there are no user folders being created in that directory to take ownership of.
Check Permissions on "folderRedirections" Folder
Should have: Share Permissions > everyone > Full Control

Security : System > Full Control
                 Domain Users (or) Users > Special > This Folder Only (Traverse, List, Read attributes, Read Extended, Read Permissions)
                 Administrators > Full Control

Then try to  assign with the wizard again.
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Jeff PerkinsOwnerAuthor Commented:
I've checked those permissions about 3 or 4 times now, and it gets weirder and weirder.... can't believe that's a word, but spell check liked it....LOL

Ok, first I was getting the error I stated above on all users....
someone suggested that I delete the <user> folder and let the server recreate at login.... but it wasn't even creating a <user> folder.

I realized I was testing with my login and using it to login to the server as well... so I logged out of the server and tried again on my desktop.... same result.... but...
I logged back into the server with my login and it created my <user> folder along with <desktop>  <favorites> and <my documents>  
I logged out of the server and back into my desktop with the same credentials and got mixed errors... I tried logging out and back in again 3 more times, as I read somewhere, and got mixed results:

Successfully applied policy and redirected folder "Videos" to "\\CT2011\RedirectedFolders\jp\My Documents\My Videos".

Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Pictures" to "\\CT2011\RedirectedFolders\jp\My Documents\My Pictures".
 Redirection options=0x80009231.
 The following error occurred: "Can not create folder "\\CT2011\RedirectedFolders\jp\My Documents\My Pictures\ControlCenter4"".
 Error details: "Access is denied.

Successfully applied policy and redirected folder "Music" to "\\CT2011\RedirectedFolders\jp\My Documents\My Music".

Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Favorites" to "\\ct2011\RedirectedFolders\jp\Favorites".
 Redirection options=0x1211.
 The following error occurred: "Failed to copy files from "C:\Users\jp\Favorites" to "\\ct2011\RedirectedFolders\jp\Favorites"".
 Error details: "This function is not supported on this system.

Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Documents" to "\\CT2011\RedirectedFolders\jp\My Documents".
 Redirection options=0x80009231.
 The following error occurred: "Failed to copy files from "C:\Users\jp\Documents" to "\\CT2011\RedirectedFolders\jp\My Documents"".
 Error details: "Access is denied.

I logged into my tech's desktop with her credentials and got an error on all of her redirects that says the folder is offline and the network path cannot be found.... but yet, I can explore the folders from her computer on the server and see the docs, favs, and desktop?
Jeff PerkinsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Ok, hours of searching and some personal evaluation of the situation and I've solved it myself. I appreciate that you had started to help me out, but unfortunately I cannot give you the credit for the solution.
I'm posting the solution here for anyone with a similar problem in the future.  I stumbled on it with various error message searches in Google and a combination of issues.

When I reloaded the SBS 2011 server, I unjoined the clients from the domain, but because they were up and running when the server went down, and we were using redirected documents and 'offline files'  they kept a copy of their desktop/documents etc... on the local machine.  

Upon rejoining the system, there was an electronic confusion of sorts between the desktops, their sid that they had in the old server, which by the way was using the same server name and domain name, and the new server setup.  

Solution, after creating the users and joining the desktops to the domain, you must[ turn off offline files.  Then restart the system, and upon restarting the system the user folder redirection will work as expected.

Caution, Caution, Caution  Before you rejoin the domain with your client systems, backup all of the user profile folders that are relevant for redirection to a neutral directory on the local drive or a shared server drive.  Once you unjoin the domain, you will lose access to the users profile stuff and have to suffer thru their complaints of lost work.

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Yes, offline files gave some of my users issues others no problems.  Glad you solved.
Jeff PerkinsOwnerAuthor Commented:
I found the solution myself and although the expert tried to assist, his responses did not lead me to the solution.
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