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A user quite, the person's name was deleted from People; however the person is coming back to work, the original mail and id file were saved. Is it possible to recreate the same user and attach the previous mail file and ID

Thank you
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trainer_arwAuthor Commented:
I simple recreated the user, copied and pasted their original email items to the new NSF file and they were away to the races
Yes, it can be done. If the user had encrypted email, or locally-encrypted databases, then you will need a restored copy of their original ID. If you don't have that ID, then all they will lose is encrypted data - you can just create a new ID with the same spelling and OU structure.

Add their name back into any groups that they need, and remove them from any deny-access groups.

Lastly, add their name back into the ACL of their mailfile.
trainer_arwAuthor Commented:
Thank you. This is what I need to do. Would you be able to provide step-by-step instructions in how-to?
Francois KoutchoukCTOCommented:
Below is NOT the correct way to do it.  It is a shortcut that may get the user back into his/her email:
- Go into the names.nsf file on the server where the "returning" user mail file resides.
- Find another similar regular user (same department, for example)
- Copy and paste that document
- Edit the newly copied document
- Change the username to that of the returning user.  Edit the location of their mail file, internet file
- On the workstation of the returning user, copy the physical Notes id file and use that during setup of Lotus Notes.
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