Drawbacks to using band selection on Cisco wireless controllers

I am looking to enabling band selection on my Cisco wireless controller and was wondering if anyone was aware of any drawbacks or problems in doing so.
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Craig BeckCommented:
Excuse me for highlighting, but band-select is not a new version of load-balancing.  The two are different technologies.

If you use an SSID for Voice, I would strongly advise that you don't enable band-select.  It will cause problems with roaming.  Otherwise, there's no issue with using it.  It actually works quite well.

You can disable a particular radio on a per-AP basis via the CLI or GUI.
The previous version of aggressive load balancing  was sometimes not reliable as it relied on the client NICs - but Cisco has made improvements in there wireless controllers......see the links for reference.


nh6weAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.  Off hand, are you familiar with the 5760 wireless controller?  On a 5508 I have in the past disabled the GHz radio on an individual access point via Admin Status on the individual configuration section.  Do you know how this would be done on a 5760 controller?
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Try this....
WLC5760#show wireless band-select  

To enable or disable band selection on specific WLANs:


for voice WLANS:
Voice WLAN

Here are the best practices for Voice WLAN configurations:

Enable Voice acm and sip CAC on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands under global Config:

For 2.4 GHz band:

 WLC5760(config)#ap dot11 24ghz shutdown

 WLC5760(config)#ap dot11 24ghz cac voice acm

 WLC5760(config)#ap dot11 24ghz cac voice sip

 WLC5760(config)#no ap dot11 24ghz shutdown  

For 5 GHz band:

 WLC5760(config)#ap dot11 5ghz shutdown

 WLC5760(config)#ap dot11 5ghz cac voice acm

 WLC5760(config)#ap dot11 5ghz cac voice sip

 WLC5760(config)#no ap dot11 5ghz shutdown

For complete reference for the commands, kindly see this link....


nh6weAuthor Commented:
so can the steps above be applied to a single access point?  I know this can be done on a 5508

On the console you can select which access point you want to disable the band.
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