SSRS: Include Parameter in SharePoint List Connection String


In SQL Server Report Builder I can create a Microsoft SharePoint List connection to my sub sites by making the connection string:


Is it possible to have the connection string an expression that gets the SubSite name from a parameter, so something like:


I can't seem to get the correct syntax to work.
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lee_murphyAuthor Commented:
Cheers colly.  It turns out that, typically, I kept at it after posting the question and found the answer.  the parameter I was using was correct (="http://SharePointServer/Sites/" & Parameters!SubSite.Value) however it doesn't work at design time, so I had to create two connections, one with a link to a subsite, used to design the form, and one using the parameter syntax and swapping the source of the DataSet before testing it in runtime, seemed to work.
Provided that the SharePoint list connection string does allow Expression Based Connection Strings, Expression based connection strings have this sort of syntax:

="http://SharePointServer/Sites/" & Parameters!SubSite.Value

or maybe:
="data source=http://SharePointServer/Sites/" & Parameters!SubSite.Value

I haven't got a system to test it on so post any error messages it gives.
lee_murphyAuthor Commented:
I figured out the answer myself.
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