Need Powerpoint conversion 4:3 to widescreen

Hi experts.

We have Powerpoint 2010 and used to create 4:3 formatted slides. Is there a way to convert those old 4:3 presentations automatically into 16:9 format while keeping the original aspect ratio for graphical content?
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Jamie GarrochPowerPoint Consultant & DeveloperCommented:
There is a feature built into PowerPoint 2013 to do this as below:

PowerPoint 2013 slide resize feature
In PowerPoint 2010, you could use this add-in which was developed by a PowerPoint MVP:

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McKnifeAuthor Commented:

Nice add-in. Costs a little money, though, so I will keep the question open.
McKnifeAuthor Commented:
Ok, scratch that. The addin crashes powerpoint in 7/10 cases here. Maybe it's our fault because the template pptx is odd somehow, but we cannot change that.
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I take it PowerPoint 2013 isn't an option for you, then? If that's the case, contact the developer of the Resize add-in. (Jamie and I both know him, and I am sure he's want to know that you're having issues with it crashing.)
McKnifeAuthor Commented:
Nope, 2013 is not an option. And yes, I will send that file to the dev of that add-in, sure.
Stephen RindsbergCommented:
Jamie pointed me at this discussion (thanks, Mr. Garroch).  McKnife, yes, please do get in touch.  I'd like to see if I can reproduce the problem here.  The Contact link on the left side of every page on is the best way; that'll collect the info we need to get started.  And thanks for trying Resize and following up here.
McKnifeAuthor Commented:
Just did.
McKnifeAuthor Commented:
Stephen, 2 days ago, I did as you told me and asked where I should upload the template to - no response from you, yet. I will not upload it here. Meanwhilst, I used a powershellscript to do some converting as your converter has shown further problems that the pshell script had not. The end results however, in any case, will require manual adjustments (no wonder). So I will take that script AND buy one license of yours so that our main presentation guy will have at least the choice and try both.
$files = gci "C:\somefolder\*.ppt[mx]"
$pp = new-object -Com "PowerPoint.Application"
$files | %{
    $doc = $pp.Presentations.Open($_.Fullname)
    $doc.PageSetup.SlideSize = 15
    $doc.slides | %{
        $_.Shapes |?{$_.Type -eq 13} | %{$_.LockAspectRatio = -1;$_.ScaleHeight(2,-1,0);$_.ScaleHeight(0.5,0,0)}
        $_.Shapes |?{$_.Type -eq 6} | %{
            $_.GroupItems | ?{$_.Type -eq 13} | %{$_.LockAspectRatio = -1;$_.ScaleHeight(2,-1,0);$_.ScaleHeight(0.5,0,0)}

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Stephen RindsbergCommented:
Hi McKnife,

Thanks for purchasing the Resize license.

I'd still like very much to sort out what's causing the crashing problem.  I did get your email response and responded immediately.  Perhaps your spam filter has frowned upon me?  ;-)

I'll reply again in a few minutes.  Thanks for your patience.
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