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Hi guys

i work at a company where users work on different sites and each sites has a specific domain address linked to them

I have one user under her email address in exchange her current set default email say is within the list of emails is also many others like

She has now moved to xyz site so i need to make xyd her default email for receiving and sending.

Her exchange is set up as

If i just change the default email address by right click on and click set as default reply, will this do the trick? Will she still be able to send recieve emails from both accounts but be able to send as

Would that change be isntant or is it a over night services restart thing?
Sundeep VAsked:
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The change is immediate. However what you want to do is correct. Add the address, change the default. Both addresses will work for incoming, all outbound will go out with the new address.

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