Which Cisco ASA as an offline backup device?


We are currently using these firewalls at each of our sites.
We are moving one of the physical sites and plan to continue using these devices.  The new ISP are happy to support the device.

I plan to purchase a second (offline) device as a backup (cloned copy of the working unit) and have it in the office ready to go in the event of hardware failure.

Question is, what is the product number we need in order to achieve this?  There are a number of different bundles etc..

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Jan SpringerCommented:
Honestly, I'd consider getting an identical pair running in failover mode.

The model number you want is going to be related to the number of VPN connections, bandwidth utilization and NAT translations.

What is the model number of the current ASA?
I agree. Look at the device you're pulling out of that site and search online for an identical one. You could configure them in an active-standby format, that way in the event of hardware failure, the standby unit takes up the master role and you don't see the interruption.
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CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
its a 5505, unsure if we can run them in HA
Jan SpringerCommented:
you can't.  if it's big enough though, consider a couple 5512X models with the failover and crypto licensing.
Thanks for the grade. Good luck.
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