move ocs 2007 r2 from 2003 to 2008 server

I have 4 x OCS 2007 R2 servers (2x mediation, 1x monitoring, 1x main one) running on windows 2003 in single AD forest. All of them are licensed as ocs standard (not enterprise).
I need to move them from windows 2003 platform to 2008 (don't have cal licenses for 2012).
Can anyone point me to relevant tutorial/procedure/white papers or guide me how it should be done?

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Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
OCs 2007 R2 do not support windows 2012 :)

let me high level say what is need to be done.

1. have 4 servers installed  with windows 2008 installed (remember it also have a SQL database if you are running on 2003)
2. install OCS server accordingly, calling a new pool name. (pool2.<domain> will be fine)  - go through your build guide on 2003 will be a good start. (you might have issues on install windows 2008 but it should be minor as long as you don't introduce new standard in windows 2008)
3. by now, you have a OLD pool (with 2 mediation/1 monitoring) and a NEW pool (with 2 mediation / 1 monitoring - remember to setup the way)
4. then move OCS user from old pool to new pool.
5. then swap the sip.<domain> and etc url to the new pool address

Just a note, OCs 2007 r2 has finish it mainstream support, i will suggest to really migrate to Lync 2013 (as this is the last supported migration path, you cannot migrate from here to Skype for Business)

understand they always a licensing challenge that you need to solve.
Rafal_MituraAuthor Commented:
Thanks for info (not easy to find it) will give it a go and let you know.
I was told we can't afford Lync licenses so most likely will be enrolling wildfire/open fire and asterisk to replace ocs (not sure if it integrates with exchange's free busy but again we may be using different mail server by then).
Rafal_MituraAuthor Commented:
I have follow your advice and now have 2x standard ocs (1 pool each). Do you have any idea no how to safely transfer response groups across to new server?
Used ApplicationSettingsExport.exe but its all or nothing (can't test it on single response group and then repeat process for remaining 156 groups).

1. Do I need to change pool name to <pool>pool2</pool> when restoring to new server?
2. Do you know if  /restore requires AD/network presence (would like to do the restore/import while server is disconnected, disable all RGS and plug in to LAN again. That would allow me to move them one by one when convenient.
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Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
in my memory, you can "copy paste" to the new pool so both of them will exist

the response group (in my memory) only applies to the user in the pool it exist.

so you can move a test user to pool2 and test it, but of all RSG need to go in 1 go.
Rafal_MituraAuthor Commented:
1. do you remember by any chance if it was
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2\LCSCmd.exe" /config /action:export
 /level:global,pool,machine /configfile:c:\temp\ocs_server_ocs_pool_export.xml /L:c:\temp\ocs_server_ocs_pool_export_log

Open in new window


"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2\ResKit /ApplicationSettingsExport.exe" /backup /pool:poolA /app:Microsoft.Rtc.Applications.Acd /file:settings_file.xml

Open in new window

and then
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2\ResKit /ApplicationSettingsExport.exe" /restore /app:Microsoft.Rtc.Applications.Acd /file:settings_file.xml

Open in new window

copy paste or both?

I have 2 standard servers so 2 separate pools. I know user of serverA/poolA can be member of response group on serverB/poolB.
2. Do I risk damaging my environment by importing RGS with exactly same name to serverB/poolB?
3. Do I need to import sql databases as well or can it be ignored?
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
RGS consist of agent groups, queues, and workflows so it could potentially handle calls and etc.

ApplicationSettingsExport backup the settings on the original servers. So, if anything really goes wrong, you will need to drop both (old and new) and restore the original (old).
meanwhile, i don't have a ocs 2007r2 anyway to test this so you are on your own on this.

at the moment, it is always risky so plan it during a weekend to perform such task.
Rafal_MituraAuthor Commented:
we end up hiring 3rd party expert to do it for us.
in general we had to:
1. run lcdscmd to export/import pool settings (changed pool details by editing export file)
2. run ApplicationSettingsExport.exe to export RGS objects (groups and worklows) also changing destination pool details.

It moved objects across but unique attributes from objects were removed (e.g. phone No, line uri).
3. created new contact object on the new server (so receiving calls as uri works but phone No calls would not)
4. removed contact's phone No from existing RGS
5. adding contact phone No to contact on the new server.
6. removing contact from old server
Steps 3,4,5,6 needs to be repeated for every RGS
Rafal_MituraAuthor Commented:
lacking some technical info but in general that's what needs to happen
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