how can I get a Samsung Galaxy Tab II 10.1 android to work with a wireless HP Deskjet 2543 series?

Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

             I wish to get an android, a Samsung Galaxy Tab II 10.1 to work with a wireless HP Deskjet 2543.  After installing the software and drivers on the original installation cd which came with the printer onto my Acer laptop, I certainly did not have any problems getting it to work.  However, I am unsure with respect to what will be needed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab II 10.1.   The software used to get the wireless printer to work with the Acer laptop is HP Printer Assistant.

             Any help given to this question will be deeply appreciated.  I look forward to hearing back from everybody.

              Thank you

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Jackie ManCommented:
The information below might be useful for you.

"How to print to a Deskjet 2543 from a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.
There are two connection types you could be using, Wireless Direct (which is the printer's wireless frequency) or the printer being connected to a wireless router that the Tab is also connected to. Which had you used / would like to use?
Try connecting the Tab to the Wireless Direct and test printing. Press the #4 button on the printer to turn on Wireless Direct(if it is off)."


You need to sign up an account for HP Support Forum if you want to see the above link in details.

OR, if your printer and your Samsung Tab2 10.1 are connected to your same router,  using your Samsung Tab2 tablet to go to the Google Play Store and search for HP to locate and install the HP ePrint app and you can print by using the ePrint app.
If your printer and tablet are on the same wi-fi network then this video can give you pointers.


Also here is a link to HP's site on mobile printing:
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

            I want to take a moment and provide an update on the status of my goal to get our Samsung Galaxy Tab II 10.1 to work with a wireless HP Deskjet 2543.  At this time, there is some confusion surrounding it.  For instance, within the Settings area of the tablet, an HP-print-37 Deskjet 3510 series is being indicated with a signal strength.  However, our actual network printer is an HP Deskjet 2543 series.  I am not sure how to explain what we have noticed here.  Could the tablet perhaps be picking up the signal of a nearby wireless printer?  Or, could there be actual software and drivers on the tablet for the incorrect network printer identified as HP Deskjet 3510?  

             With respect to Nick's suggested link of, should we choose New Android 4.4 or Older Android?  Once this information is obtained, it appears that HP sends a text message to the cellular phone with a link which can be used for the needed software to connect to an HP wireless or network printer.  

              Just so everyone knows, the tablet connects just fine to our wireless AT&T setup because it does have internet access.  We basically have an AT&T receiver which functions like a router with respect to broadcasting  needed information to other wireless devices for accessing the internet.  

              Thanks again everyone for your follow ups.  I look forward to reviewing any further comments and suggestions.  

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GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Evening Everyone

          I am pleased to say this issue is now resolved by downloading and installing both HP All-In-One Printer and HP ePrint apps onto the tablet.  During these procedures, we were given an automated activation code via email which had to be inserted to finalize the configuration of the tablet for the HP Deskjet 2543.  The apps were able to accurately ID the printer with respect to correct series in addition to auto-detecting its IP address.  As a bonus, we were able to setup our LG phone to work with our wireless HP printer by simply carrying out the same procedures mentioned above.

           Thanks so much getting me in the right direction with this concern.  Have a great night everyone.

Good to hear that Jackie's solution worked for you and other information provided benefited you as well.
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Thanks Nick.  I am always excited to review people's comments and suggestions.  It seems that with each new post I create, I learn something new along the way.  As  you know, I have been a member of EE for quite sometime because of this and other wonderful reasons.  It is always nice having such a positive connection with everyone within the EE community.  

          Have a great day and thanks again.

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