Moving Flash ROM from old to replacement Cisco switch

I have a Cisco 3750 series that needs replacing (there are only about 7 endpoints attached to it currently but it's a good reserve switch)

I have a replacement ready (same modal and spec) but need help moving the config over.

Can someone please give me the command line/steps to do this via console. I basically need to move the flash ROM from old to new.

Nick SmithHead of ITAsked:
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You copy console input to running config using copy command.
" copy console running"
show running
show startup

(or copy them to tftp)

then add back...
Nick SmithHead of ITAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks. I know how to pull up the running and startup configs. Presumably I just cut and past the configs to a text file? What are the commands to insert them into the replacement switch without using TFTP?
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copy & paste :)
you know notepad++ ?
copy console running
Nick SmithHead of ITAuthor Commented:
I'm well aware of how to copy and paste!

I have the configs on TextEdit, I telnet into the replacement switch...then what? Where do I paste the config into when I'm on the replacement switch? conf t then show running?

Sorry...I'm not a Cisco engineer but have a grasp of some basics!
make sure to follow up with 'copy running startup' once confirmed working...
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