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I have an XX number of machines running different versions of AVG.

Some are managed centrally from a server console, and the majority are managed at the desktop level.

I need to add 4 exclusions to these machines. Is there any way to add exclusions to AVG without opening the AVG console on the machine, and adding them through the program? Preferably a file/folder that can be edited to add exclusions?
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I had a look to see if this is possible to set it in the registry and no luck there, I think because exceptions is a User based protocol not a windows or a registry.
The user account of that computer manages the AVG exceptions by tying the software or file to that users exceptions, opening the console and adding the exceptions.
If it is possible I cant see it. Nothing in the gpedit.msc either.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
There is cli with option stated in
AVG scan executable file is located in the installation folder under name avgscana.exe or avgscanx.exe (Default installation folder is C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10). The avgscan?.exe needs to be started with parameters to specify setting for the scan. You can get list of all parameters by starting it with the /Help parameter or see the following list:
 /SCAN - starts scan. You need to specify path to be scanned. e.g. /SCAN=path;path/
/COMP - starts scan of the whole computer
/HEUR - toggles use of heuristic analysis
/EXCLUDE - will exclude path or files from scan e.g. /EXLUDE=path;path/
LightWireAuthor Commented:
Btan - Unfortunatley the command lines for AVG10 are not the same for AVG2014.

Merete - Thanks for the help.
Thankyou lightwireinc.
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