FTP file download from list of folders

I need do make dally download of .csv  files from ftp Site that seating  in different folders.
FTP site Root folder has about 50 subfolders I have a list of 25 those subfolders in which content I am interested in  not all of 50 just those 25.
Those 25 folders have their subfolders (the number could vary from one to several) and files that I need to download are seating there in those subfolders.
On my PC I created the same   RootFolder/25 -Subfolders/ structure where those file has to be downloaded.

I look to example that  Danny Lasandrin did
I like setup and layout of that form, just his example is dealing with files in one folder, not  files from a list of folders and their subfolders.

I would like to use similar layout on Access form (access 2007) where I will have basic input data (FTP Site address, Root folder name, User and Pw.
Then press button, clear folders on my PC , download  files from FTP site in preset folders/subfolders on my PC.
Then show list of downloaded Folders/subfolders /files on form.
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Don ThomsonCommented:
If you have full access to all of the folders I would just set up your FTP to download ALL of the folders to a folder called FTPALL.

Once they are downloaded you could use a batch file to move the main folders that you want to a second Folder call FTPMINE.

Then go back and delete the rest of the folders in FTPALL  

Then just process the folders in FTPMINE  the way you normally process them now

The batch files should only have to be changed, once it's set up, if you want to add or delete a folder.

I'm sure there are much more elegant ways but I always find that the simple solution is normally the best solution
TarasAuthor Commented:
If the size of folders and subfolders are small it would be option.

But I can not download all root or main folder with its subfolders ,  as they have huge size and I am not interested in all folders from main folder.
I need just specific folders from main folder. And from those ones  I need files in their subfolders.
It would be good if I could download only content (files) of unprocessed subfolders to cat on size of download.
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