Attaching MS Windows XP and 7 Pro Workstation to domain and migrating user profiles

We currently have one server (in a workgroup) and approximately 50 users/workstations.  We have ordered a new Windows Server 2012R2 server and want to make it a domain controller and then attach all of the workstations.  All of the workstations are Pro versions so that should not be an issue.  Does anybody have a utility or easy process / procedure for migrating/moving the user's local profiles on the workstations to their new domain profiles that will be created once they are attached to the domain?  Obviously we would like all desktop shortcuts, application settings, printers, etc to be migrated.
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Don ThomsonCommented:
I use Profwiz  - open source - It takes about 2 minutes to migrate a workstation from one Domain to another.

You need to change the DNS entry to point to the new server first then to your router. If you are using insternal Static IPs it's simple - If you are using DHCP - LEave the Addresss/subn/gateway alone and just repoint the DNS section.

Run the Profwiz software - Enter the name of the new domain, The user code that has been set up on the new domain for that workstation - It then prompts you to chose which Profile you want to migrate - Hit go and it will prompt you for a Usercode Password on the Server that is valid and  then migrates the user to join the new domain and will continue to use the default windows profile.  Max time for everything is about 1-2 minutes.  No moving files etc

Only thing you have to do is repoint the Exchange profile in Outlook to the new server if you are using one.
Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
Easy?  No.  The best way is to just login with their domain account and then copy over their favorites, documents and desktop folders from the old profile manually with Windows Explorer into the new one.  I've used a different product called Transwiz from Forensit and for basic profiles it worked great.  For anything a little more complex: it fails miserably, especially when mapping folder locations between XP and Windows 7.

I've been doing these profile migrations for about 12 years without any special tools and never had a problem.
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