how can I export a document from an email and import it into Microsoft Excel using iPhone 6?

Hello and Good Morning Everyone

           I wish to help my supervisor with a technical concern surrounding the use of Microsoft Excel on his iPhone 6.   Basically, he wishes to take a cleaning chart with rows and columns from an email and import it into Microsoft Excel for future editing from his touchscreen.     I am assuming this is an import function as opposed to copy/paste, but, I am not sure because of my lack of experience with mobile devices.  Once placed into Microsoft Excel, he wants to be able to plug in entries within each row and column like person's name who completed cleaning task, completion date, etc. from his touchscreen.

           Any help regarding the step by step procedures for accomplishing this goal will be deeply appreciated.  Once the necessary steps have been obtained, I will print those out and give them to him.

            Thanks in advance for any help given in reply to this request.  

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ProfessorJimJamMicrosoft Excel ExpertCommented:
well, it depends, if your supervisor receives the email with the attachment of excel then it can easily be opened and saved or edited with Microsoft Excel for Iphone,  recently Microsoft has released Excel version for Iphone, it can be downloaded from
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
I believe MS Office Applications are now available from the App Store so he should be able to download MS Excel with which he will then be able to edit the document when opened.

I assume he would then have to save to the device and/or sync with iCloud.

Rob H
GMartinAuthor Commented:

           Yes, he has Microsoft Excel already downloaded and installed on his iPhone 6.  At this point, he is needing instructions for transferring or importing the email document which opens like a regular email without the attachment into Microsoft Excel for editing purposes.  That is the step he is needing help with at this point.


Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:
what email app is he using on his iPhone? I just sent an email with an Excel attachment and I can successfully perform these steps:

- Open the original Mail app that comes with iPhone
- open the email
- the attachment shows as an icon. Tap the icon.
attachment icon- The Excel file opens in the iphone preview.
preview- tap the Share icon at the top right (a box with an arrow pointing up)
- a dialog with a few app icons appears, among them the Excel icon. Tap that
Excel app- the file opens in Excel for iPhone as read only with a bar above the formula bar.
- tap More in that bar
more- tap Duplicate
duplicate- a selection of online places appears, along with iPhone as a storage choice
- tap iPhone
tap iphone- now the file can be edited in Excel
- When done with editing, tap the three dots at the top right
edit- tap Email as Attachment
email- tap Send Excel Workbook
Excel- enter an email address and send.

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GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

           Using the easy to follow steps outlined by teylyn,  my supervisor and I were able to get the document contained within the email to appear within the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  We did find from experience with this situation that viewing and especially editing of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is much more difficult to carry out on an iPhone because of its smaller screen.  Such task is better suited with devices with larger screens like regular desktops, laptops, and tablets.  

            Have a great night everyone and thanks so much for your shared insights.

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