Converged Network Adapter CNA


I'm getting my head around CNAs. My understanding is.

They are a requirement for Fcoe,  if you use one you can send FCoE traffic,  iscsi, file based NAS  traffic down one 10GbE network cable to a converged switch which will then decapsulate the FCoE frames and send them to the storage array via normal FC.

Essentially you have one port handling all your storage traffic.  iscsi fcoe nfs  cifs.

Is this correct?
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Thomas RushCommented:
Yes, that's correct.  Be aware that some CNAs limit  how the traffic can be used or split (by allowing only certain virtual adapters to carry FC traffic, for instance), and some have more or less flexible ways to allocate bandwidth.
piedthepiperAuthor Commented:
They use sfp+ ports?  They can use fiber cabling or twinax cabling.  Essentially fiber for longer distances and twinax for CNA to top of rack switches ( in most cases)
Thomas RushCommented:
There are several CNA vendors, each of which has several offerings in different speeds.  I wouldn't want to say that all use SFP+ ports; the physical connection doesn't determine what traffic can go over it (i.e., you can send Ethernet traffic over copper or glass; you can send Fibre Channel traffic over copper or glass.  It's the protocol used and understood by the switches/HBAs that determine what those signals are).

I know that doesn't make it easy for the buyer, but you need to get the right HBA to match your switch infrastructure, both in cable/connector type and in speed.

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