Supress a page header based on page content

Can you suppress a page header based on what is being displayed on that particular page? I have a page header that is needed when my group header 1c is displayed.  If the page does not contain a group header 1c, however, the page header looks silly and out of place.  Is there a way to suppress the page header if there is no group header 1c on that page? Is Crystal smart enough to know what sections are being displayed on each page and if so how can I utilize that information?
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I doubt it unless you happen to be in GH1C when the page starts.  If the header can be on the page in some random place then I doubt you can do anything about it.

Can you replicate the logic that determines whether or not group header 1c is displayed with a formula?
Depending on your criteria, you could reuse the formula for the page header.
josslmpdAuthor Commented:
The header will be randomly placed based on the content of the report.  Sometimes it will be at the beginning of the page, sometimes at the end and sometimes not at all.  I didn't think I could do it, but I thought it was worth it to ask.  Thank you.
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