Two Domain Merger w/sonicwall firewall and DNS

I have a client that has purchased another company. Company A  (a.local with IP 192.168.1.X) and Company B (b.local with IP 192.168.0.X) needs to be merged into company A. The client physically moved both networks into one physical location and asked me to get them up and running this past weekend so the employees don's waste time.

Using the existing SonicWall TZ205W for a.local, I created a new zone for b.local and physically separated the networks by using separate switches and cable Patch Panel connections for whichever network the end device needed to be on. This worked fine for a Monday morning everyone is working, but now I have to merge the two domains.

My main reason for merging is so the engineers in the company do not lose their profile settings which could take hours to reconfigure for their specific CAD and design software.

I am having a problem with getting the Forest Trust setup and I believe it is due to name resolution between the X0(192.168.1.X) and X4(192.168.0.x) zones of the SonicWall not resolving.  I can ping IP addresses and connect to printers across both using IP addresses, but I can't resolve a.local to b.local or vise versa so when I try to create the trust, it can't resolve.

In both servers, I have tried to create a DNS zone for the other domain and replicate, but it continually states that the server is not authoritative for this domain.

My end goal is to have one domain. a.local and b.local goes away.

Any help would be appreciated.
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INCITE-TMAuthor Commented:
I resolved this by creating a stub zone and then the trust worked perfectly and the stub zones are resolving computers on both sides.
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