php opendir not working

I want to scan for all folders and files within folder c:/data
But i am getting below error.
Warning: opendir(c:/data,c:/data): The system cannot find the file specified. (code: 2)
	function listFolderFiless($dir){
    $ffs = scandir($dir);
    $i = 0;
    $list = array();
    foreach ( $ffs as $ff ){
        if ( $ff != '.' && $ff != '..' ){
            if ( strlen($ff)>=5 ) {
                if ( substr($ff, -4) == '.php' ) {
                    $list[] = $ff;
                    //echo dirname($ff) . $ff . "<br/>";
                    echo $dir.'/'.$ff.'<br/>';
            if( is_dir($dir.'/'.$ff) ) 
    return $list;

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But  result is same
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Ahmed MerghaniSoftware EngineerCommented:
I think your path should be c:\data
InsoftserviceAuthor Commented:
Tried even that
even tried giving hard code value.

This code worked on my local server but not on windows 2003 server

function ListIn($dir, $prefix = '') {
              $dir = rtrim($dir, '\\/');
              $result = array();

                  $h = opendir($dir);
                  while (($f = readdir($h)) !== false) {
                    if ($f !== '.' and $f !== '..') {
                        if (is_dir("$dir/$f")) {
                          $result = array_merge($result, $this->ListIn("$dir/$f", "$prefix$f/"));
                        } else {
                          $result[] = $prefix.$f;

              return $result;
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
This works fine for me.
$handle = opendir('C:\\Food')

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Ahmed MerghaniSoftware EngineerCommented:
Ok. I tested the code and it runs successfully either c:/data or c:\data - and some times it need to be c:\\data-. What is your PHP version? what OS you are using? Are you sure the folder "data" is existed?

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InsoftserviceAuthor Commented:
windows 2003 server . php5.4
InsoftserviceAuthor Commented:
Client had given permission to the folder on the server.
Its  resolved thx
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