VLan and Voice Vlan


We are investing in VOIP system. After discussing with the supplier, they suggest that it is vital to get VLAN in place before we deploy VOIP.

Our network is deployed with 80% dell switch 5% cisco and 15% AT. But good thing is that we can get away by not using the cisco and AT switch.  

Bad thing is that i have never worked on VOIP and never configured a switch to support VOIP VLAN. "I NEED HELP"!!

My Network (8 building connected through 10GB fiber)
Servers connected to -----> Powerconnect 5548 (cat6)
Powerconnect 5548 to -----> Powerconnect 8024F (10G uplink) (Fiber switch which connects all the building)
Powerconnect 8024F to ----> (8 building connected through 10GB fiber)

We are thinking of buying additional switch to accommodate VOIP for every single building.

As we are short of Data points so we will be buying Gigabit handset so that computer and phone can work on single data point.

-----------Target is to configure a voice VLAN----------

1)Is it necessary to configure VLan if we have 10G link across the school intranet?
2)If i have to configure it than what settings will I need on Fiber and Powerconnect5548 switch to make  it work?

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Bryant SchaperCommented:
What is the make of the phone system?  How many phones are we talking about as well?

1.  Yes, best to separate the traffic, for cos/qos.  Plus you can isolate the devices.  Another reason is features you may be implementing, for example we issue DHCP from our data center to 20 sites, but the phones get their IP from the local router, which has survivability should the wan go down, we can provide e911 service from an analog line connected to the router.  Plus additional DHCP options you may need.

2.  Nothing special for fiber, but what you are creating is a voice vlan, not just a vlan tagged voice.  The phones look for a "voice vlan" on boot and get special settings for it, like primary server and backup server.

Here is a Dell doc to setup the voice vlan, very similar to Cisco.

arpitbhargavaAuthor Commented:
May be Avaya/Shortel/Mitel phone system. Most likely Avaya.  around 30+ phones.

Michael OrtegaSales & Systems EngineerCommented:
Create your VLANs on the switches in question and setup a DHCP scope for the voice VLAN on your DHCP server (presumably located on your data network). Avaya supports DHCP scope options to assign VLANs to their phones, so you can add that scope option to your main data network DHCP scope and when the phones boot up they will get their VLAN assignment through DHCP and reboot with the new VLAN setting. You'll need to setup a DHCP relay (helper address) either on your switches or on your router/firewall/gateway appliance for the new voice VLAN so the Avaya phones now how to contact the DHCP server on the data network from the new voice VLAN so it can get assigned a new IP on the voice VLAN.


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