Upgrading server 2003 to 2012

I am running a win 2003 box in production with multiple apps and I must upgrade. It runs a Kiwi Syslog Server that sits on this box and writes all of my network configs and carries out a host of other tasks. I did not deploy this set up and I am going in blind. I am trying to determine how to move/program the Kiwi scripts to continue the same functionality with the server 2012 software.
Kount WilliamsAsked:
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Nathan HawkinsTechnical Lead - Network SecurityCommented:
You cant 'upgrade' windows servers (or workstations for that matter), you have to migrate. What that means is set up your 2012 Server and begin recreating the same environment on the new server replicating functionality as best as you can.

Some tricks I have found is that windows LOVES to store app specific things under C:\users\<account name that was used to install the app>\AppData\

So install your apps then after the install copy from the old server to the new server the entire APPData directory from:
old server \Default to new server \Default
old server \Public to new server \Public
and any user account that was used to install the apps from old server to new server.

Typically I can get everything move over and running exactly the way it was using that method. Also note that apps love to use the My Documents folder as well.
Kount WilliamsAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the long pause, We did it and it worked. This was very helpful. THX.
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