Changing DNS settings for exchange to host mail with outside host Temporarily

Changing DNS in 2003 Exchange server to point to network solutions while I find a permanent fix to a server issue.
In the server DNS settings I am attempting to insert new MX record and cname. But I am not allowed to.
"A new record cannot be created. Node is a Cname DNS record"
Now I understand I either have to delete all records with that name and replace or create another.
How do I go about the latter?
I guess I should add that I am hoping I can do so temporarily and keep the present DNS tree the same and just change what is needed and return it to its original settings when our issues are resolved.
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Does your local DNS have your domain listed there?
Your issue is likely a GPO that directs your user email client settings to connect to your local Exchange and load everything from there.

Presumably you are using outlook, get into accounts of any user and see whether the account type is exchange and it points to it for all its needs. incoming, outgoing, etc.

Depending on the type of mail server replacement you now have, the options are that you advise your users to use the outlook\tools\accounts to add a new mail account and you provide them the information
on Incoming type IMAP/SMTP
incoming hostname
Outgoing SMTP: hostname:
and the logins. or are they tied in using ADFS?

You can modify your settings to change lets say mail.yourdomain.internal (i.e. this is the server listed in outlook for the mail account.........) and point it to whatever IP your new Mail server provider provided.
What is the issue you are trying to address? I do not understand what it is.
The only changes to alter where your email is delivered can only be done on the registrars interface.

If you are having a configuration issue in your exchange server, disable the port forwarding on the firewall such that the sending server will queue up the messages.

If you have another system with IIS, you can add the SMTP service to it. Configure the SMTP to accept your domain while at the same time making sure the queue lifetime is long 12 days to allow you time to fix. You will not be able to access these emails  until your exchange server is fixed.

Then change the firewall to point SMTP port to the IIS SMTP instance.  This server will temporarily accept your domain's emails.  When you fix your exchange, you can update the IIS SMTP service to point to th exchange while at the same time updating the external firewall to once again direct the traffic to the exchange server.
oseusaAuthor Commented:
I am told that the DNS server , our internal server needs to have changes made to the DNS/ MX /Cname record to allow internal computers to get out and ping the new mail server. WE can presently send mail but not receive, and I attempted to change the DNS info for my internal MX without success.
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oseusaAuthor Commented:
We are trying to correct corruption issues after an infection as well as some configuration issues. We may be replacing the server completely, but until we know for sure we are trying to keep this one up.
It is not clear to me what you are looking to do.

If you are trying to prevent your server from sending out infected email, configure a smart host that points to an ip as an example where it is not a valid ip on your network.
This will force your server when sending outgoing emails to try to connect to that ip as the next system through which email has to be sent.

When done cleaning up, remove the smart host and all remaining messages in the queue will be sent out.
oseusaAuthor Commented:
No, I am trying to bypass my server as the mail server and direct all dns (mail) inquiries along to network solutions by changing settings in the dns configuration applet. Besides the viruses we have other system issue, hence the reason to bypass the server for mail.
oseusaAuthor Commented:
BTW network solutions only gives us the name, not the IP to redirect.
oseusaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Arnold this seems to have resolved it. I have changed my internal settings in DNS and Exchange to use the outside mail. Thanks for your help.
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