What is the second suffix in a domain name after '.COM' and why use it

We were doing a "WhoIS" on a domain that ends in ".COM" and couldn't find "whois" on because it seems the problem is it has additional suffix after it (ex. domain-name.com.xx).  So we wanted EE assistance on this matter:

What is the use of an additional suffix?

Is the domain the same as the ".COM"? (that is same company)

How do we do a whois to domains with additional suffix.

Finally, can there be additional suffix? (ex. domain-name.com.xx.yy)
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Usually the .xx is a country based TLD I.e. .us - US
.ca - Canada
.uk UK
.ly - Libya
.au - Australia
.to -tonga

There are additional non country based TLDs added look for info at icann.org.
Look at www.nic.xx
What is the use of an additional suffix?

This is the TLD or TOP LEVEL DOMAIN.  

Is the domain the same as the ".COM"? (that is same company)

There is no way to tell you this unless it is registered to the same company.

How do we do a whois to domains with additional suffix.

Just use the com.xx for the whois lookup.

Finally, can there be additional suffix? (ex. domain-name.com.xx.yy)

Yes, there is a limit, but you can have additional.  

The thing you are missing is how DNS is read.  It is read from right to left, not left to right like English.

So the TLD or top level domain is the last on the right, then the it reads to the left.
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Ok, we understand that ".COM" means company and also found that TLD are organized by: Countries, Categories, and Multiorganizations (found in wikipedia).  So if a domain name ends in ".COM", then ".COM" is the TLD and if there is an additional suffix, like ".COM.MX" then ".MX" is the TLD.  Is this correct?

That being said, what is the use of TLD as for us regular users? or is it just a naming scheme to better identify the domina?

Lastly, the domain in question is: www.silanes.com.mx. When we place it on www.whois.com, it displays available domain, but not www.silanes.com.mx.  

How do we do a whois on this domain?
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It is a tree hierarchy starting with a . As the root The next level is com net org country based suffixes and new suffixes as authorized added by iCANN.
When initially setup the growth of use was not foreseen such the com org net gov mil ...
Country based TLDs some incorporate the differentiation by using a two level TLD com.mx or co.uk to represent company Domain/organization within the country.

When you are looking at an Whois provider, you have to make sure that they list the TLD you want to check. Not every Whois serves all available TLDs.

Www should not be used in the lookup
Uk, MX, and AU based domains usually have three levels domain_name.(co.uk)  etc.

Often www.nic.xx will get you to the administrator of the XX domain and often includes info on how to register a domain on this suffix as well as an option to check the Whois record.

Note that some/several will be in their native languages and might not offer options in other languages so it might be difficult to navigate ....

Try ww.nic.mx

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rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Thanx for Great Info!

Unfortunatly http://www.akky.mx/jsf/whois/whois.jsf didn't work, but this thread helped us finding the correct Whois.

Again Thanx All!
I think this is the site www.nic.mx when entering a domain you are interested in, it redirects to the other link to further list the information on who owns the domain when it is unavailable.

Glad I could help/
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