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A couple of weeks ago our organization upgraded servers from 2003 to 2012.  We were able to transfer all the roles, and data and thanks to EE also the users folders. Now we have a small issue. We share space with a larger non-profit and they have us on our own IP subnet (for our own network 192.168.33.xxx). We are a "network within a network". We used to  able to access their intranet website but no longer can do so (different IP 172.xxx.xxx.xxx). I've looked on google where to add this address in the DNS forwarders etc. etc. but no avail. Any help would be welcome!
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Can you access the site by IP?  If not, then the issue goes beyond DNS.

If you just want to reach it by name (and it's pretty static), you can set up a Host (A) record for the intranet site and just use that alias when you access it.

Alternately, you can set up a forwarder in DNS for their domain.  (This would be a conditional forwarder.)  Open up your DNS console, right-click conditional forwarders, select New Conditional Forwarder, and then fill in the form with the DNS name space and the IP addresses of the DNS servers.

So does your network route to their network, and then out to the Internet?  For your network setup, is your gateway routing to their 172 network?
e.g. 192.168.33.x > 172.16.x.x > Internet

On your DNS server, for DNS forwarding, is the first IP address the DNS server of the larger non-profit?  Also, if the forwarder is listed, then did they perhaps update the IP address of that Intranet site?  If so, their may be a stale entry in your DNS forward and reverse lookup zones.
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