Sonicwall failover when X1 / primary connection is using umanaged AT&T / ACC Business fiber

Sonicwall router is setup to work with unmanaged ATT / ACC Business fiber (see:  Need assistance setting up a functional failover.  Standard LB / failover is configured in the Sonicwall and the secondary connection is very much live.  Can connect to Sonicwall over the secondary, see the primary go down and probe status change, but data does not pass through the secondary connection.  

I believe it is related to the route policy and arp rule that had to be setup to get X1 to work but unsure of how to handle the failover.
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In the abstract and generally speaking, you need to have a config that tests whether the path via the fiber is available by pinging the other side ATT gateway.

In the event the ping fails, you would need to adjust the cost/routing to now have the second path as the preferred.

Unfortunately, I do not have the info in how to achieve this.
Here is a link, I think you would need to use advanced services and probe to determine whether the feed is still present.
Realize it might not be the same as the one you have, but I think it conveys what you should look for.

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tconsultingAuthor Commented:
Arnold - thanks for the info.  Sounds like I need to setup an alternate routing rule that is set to not be functional if it can detect that the primary is up.  Does that sound right to you?  Do I need to be concerned about the arp entry or would the routing rule come into play before that?
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i think you are paraphrasing and asking opposite question.  The config has a policy based routing with one router I are that has a testing mechanism and a sevondapry route that has a testing mechanism.
The primary route is eopthet up or not, the same for the secondary.
If secondary goes down there is no impact on the primary.

I.e. You have two ways to go from point A to point B. Path 1 is preferred to Path 2, before you leave point A, you check whether Path 1 has issues, if not you go by Path 1.  If path 1, is not available and Path 2 is ...........
What I have generally done is use a layer 3 switch (such as a Cisco Small Business SG300-10) to handle the routing. However, you could always get a decent business class router to do the same job. That way, the Sonicwall would only need to deal it's /28 IP address, and none of the static routing rules. Plus any other devices that require public addresses from the block would only need to be configured with their addresses.

I did exactly what you're trying to do with Comcast's fiber ethernet service. ISP won't help you with configuring, but once you get it all done, you'll be very glad. Once you've done all of that, your Sonicwall's load balancing rules will actually work properly (after you remove the extra static ARP and routing rules that you had to add to get things working)
tconsultingAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for comments and suggestions.  Ultimately this particular issue was a config issue within the Sonicwall itself but either of your answers would have essentially resolved the issue (outside of the faulty config within the Sonicwall).
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