AIX unix

I need help on AIX unix .

How to handle vi editor
How to find disk space
how to use find command to find a file
What is -a flag means - (if -a $filename)
What is type means , eg : type scriptname

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andreasSystem AdminCommented:
vi is a world of its own. read a tutorial for it like this one: (very simple beginner steps, vi can do much more than this)

df -k

find ./ -name filename will search for filname in current directory

-a is test if a file does exist

type is telling you what type a command is. (file, script, built in shell command, etc...)
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
All those are simple linux/unixs basics. If you want to learn about, install yourself a linux in a virtual machine and play around with it. If you are really technical interested you will find it amazing, what can be done with it ;)

And its much more easy to understand as the internals of windows ;)
CSIA ANCommented:
To see total disk size of disks on your system?
lspv|while read a b;do echo "In MB $a has  \c" ;getconf DISK_SIZE /dev/$a; done

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To see which disk belong to which VG?
lsvg -o|while read a b;do lsvg -p $a; echo; done|grep -v PV_NAME|awk '{print $1}'

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To see total and free MB in every VG?\
lsvg -o|while read a b;do echo "VG=$a " ;lsvg $a|egrep 'TOTAL PPs:|FREE PPs:'|awk '{print $4 "space in MB""--"  $7}'|sed 's/(//';echo;done

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To see which LV are on which VG?
lsfs|grep -v proc|egrep -v 'nfs|cdrom|'|sed 's/\/dev//'|sed 's/\///'|awk '{print $1" " "--" $3}'|while read a b;do echo "LV=$a is on \c";lslv  $a|egrep 'VOLUME GROUP:'|awk '{print $6}';done

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This is my workaround ;-)
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