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Hi ,

What is sync sort means , is it a utility like grep,awk ?

Please provide me basic details on how to work with syncsort .

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syncsort is a commercial application - it is no utility like grep or awk

training is also commercial:
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My experience with it was mainframe based (IBM, MVS, JES3) in a "previous lifetime" (I've forgotten most of what I knew about it).  It was a fairly powerful tool for sorting, merging and selecting data.  I'm not sure how prominent they are today, or what their competition is.

Here is a little more background on syncsort (the company), although in the early days their main product was named syncsort, and was a mainframe fast sort product.

Here's a good white paper of why they think they are better and worth buying:

For a couple of examples of it's usage on an IBM mainframe environment check out:

It is also available for other platforms, like unix:


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