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I've got a server with about 4TB storage and want to install hyper-v 2012 r2 free on it. during the installation I convert the storage via diskpart , clean, convert gpt to GPT format. but after installation the format is gone.

what's wrong here?

thanks for helping...
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Converting MBR disks to GPT is destructive (3rd party tools like paragon's utilities can probably convert without loosing data).

Besides that, if this is the disk you are booting from, you must be using an UEFI BIOS and the OS has to be installed using UEFI. Does your server hardware have an UEFI BIOS?

Personally I'd suggest doing things differently. Change your RAID setup to split your array into 2 RAID volumes (one a small one for the Hyper-V server OS. This volume will then appear as a single disk, and not as a partition on a large disk in your OS. Make it an MBR disk and install Hyper-V on this. Then you can make the other volume, which will also appear as a separate disk in the OS, GPT and use that as the datastore for your VM's. This makes management much easier, as Hyper-V and your VM's are then properly separated, backups are much easier etc., and you don't have to worry about UEFI BIOS.
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