Need to understand when a domain can be blacklisted or blocked?

Hello Experts,

I was reading and I understand things to a good extent. So when someone sends email to a lot of people who never opted / double opted for this newsletter, many will mark it SPAM, others will be okay with it. There is a possibility of email bouncing back from non active email boxes. And this will eventually lead to the server IP black list (I am in favour of it, the IP must be blacklisted, I'm personally against these unsolicited emails).

Okay, so my questions are

1. If someone does this, I am sure his/her server IP will be blocked and it can be checked at

2.  Is there a possibility that one day his domain e.g. too will be blocked?

3. What happens if a domain is blacklisted? (We assume that IP is already blacklisted and we can't change the IP)

4. Where can we check if a domain is blacklisted? (Not the IP, we assume blacklisted IP has been changed)

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Your assumption that a domain is blacklisted is not correct. All current spam/dns blacklists use the IP address, and that's from a practical standpoint (any mail sent needs to be sent from a server, WITH an IP number).
To be removed from a blacklist, depends on where you are blacklisted. Every blacklist has its own procedures (sometimes none by design, blacklist released over time, like a month)
To check if you're blacklisted, use mxtoolbox as you stated earlier. It's on IP, for the very same reason I stated earlier.
practitionerAuthor Commented:
Great, thanks Kimputer.

When a DNS can be blacklisted?

Is my following assumption about DNS blacklist is correct:

If someone changes the IP after blacklisted and the new one too gets blacklisted because of the obvious reasons we are discussing here and keeps doing this, will this lead to DNS blacklisting eventually? And if yes, what happens when a Name Server is blacklisted?

IP's will be blacklisted only per IP address. If you keep changing IP's, the new IP's will be blacklisted individually (and only if you send out spam). There will never be preemptive blacklisting, blacklisting happens based on proof (this IP sent this and that).
There IS some form of preemptive blacklisting, and that happens with IP blocks known to belong to dynamic IP subscribers from the bigger ISP's. But none close to that what you described.

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practitionerAuthor Commented:
Okay, I understand it when you say "IP's will be blacklisted only per IP address" and if someone by mistake gets blacklisted he/she can simply change the IP (to avoid getting into the long process of white listing) and continue sending legitimate official emails

Finally, is there anything like domain reputation (Not SEO) or domain blacklisting when it comes to emailing?
No reputation on domains. only some on ip ranges (but barely used, usually spam application level, not public blacklists).
Again, nothing to do with domains, purely ip based.
practitionerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, you resolved my queries.

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