Need VBScript function to return formatted string based on parameters

This is probably a pretty basic function, but i've been having all kinds of trouble with syntax.  I need a function to be able to accept a value, and a name, then return a string based on the value not being null.  If the value is null, then the string needs to add 'clear="true"', and also remove the cdata tags.  Below is some psuedocode to give you an idea of what i'm after.  Thanks.

Function printattribute(value, name)

if len(value) < 1 Then

f.WriteLine(Chr(9)+Chr(9)+Chr(9)+"<attribute clear=""true"" name=""+name+""></attribute>")

f.WriteLine(Chr(9)+Chr(9)+Chr(9)+"<attribute name=""+name+""><![CDATA["+value+"]]></attribute>")
end if

End Function

'calling the functions

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* there is a difference between an empty string and a Null value
* You should be passing strings to the function.
printattribute("watermelon", "fruit")

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* Normally, I would expect a function to return some value.
The following is  -  the biggest difference is using "" to embed a " in string converted function to string as function wasn't returning a value .

    Private Sub printattribute(value, name)

        If Len(value) < 1 Then

            MsgBox(Chr(9) & Chr(9) & Chr(9) & "<attribute clear=""true""" & name & " = " & name & """><attribute>")

            MsgBox(Chr(9) & Chr(9) & Chr(9) & "<attribute name=""" & name & """><![CDATA[" & value & "]]></attribute>")
        End If

    End Sub
    Public Sub main()

        'calling the subroutine
        printattribute("watermelon", "fruit")
        printattribute("", "fruit")
    End Sub
bmsandeAuthor Commented:
ok the syntax appears to be working, but I somehow need to return that string generated by the sub, the msgbox does me no good.
Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
This should handle the return of the result.

wscript.echo printattribute("watermelon", "fruit")
wscript.echo printattribute("", "fruit")

Function printattribute(value, name)
    If Len(value) < 1 Then
        printattribute = Chr(9) + Chr(9) + Chr(9) + "<attribute clear=""true"" name=""" + name + """></attribute>"
       printattribute = Chr(9) + Chr(9) + Chr(9) + "<attribute name=""" + name + """><![CDATA[" + value + "]]></attribute>"
    End If
End Function

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