Windows Server 2012 Backup with Multiple USB Drives

I have a 2012 Foundation Server with 3 External Drives connected. I would like to keep one drive always connected and rotate the other 2. Will this work? It seems the backups are only being stored on the drive that is always connected.
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
What backup software are you currently using?  You just using the built in windows backup?  You can setup a rotation using the Windows Backup utility but for what you are trying to do would mean you would have to have 2 different schedules (1 for primary and one for rotational) which would be utilizing the scheduled tasks which I have never personally done but heard it is not necessarily a reliable way to perform backups.  I would recommend using a 3rd party backup solution to where you can setup schedules for your rotational backups and have your onsite backup as well.
noclavAuthor Commented:
Yes im using the Native Backup software built in windows. I would rather not use the scheduler. What i did is i removed the 3rd drive from the backup and just used the other two.
you can use the backup to folder option and have two of the drives setup so it is assigned the same drive letter, you can only have two drives plugged in at one time, you static drive (e.g. assigned the X: drive) and one of your two rotation drives (both assigned Y: drive)

You can then write a script that will execute whatever backup you want to do look here for tips on creating your script
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