Cisco 4507 R+E - is it possible to command down to port level for port ip info

Facts: (1) Cisco 4507 R+E switch, (2) I use Cisco network assistant GUI to manage switch and (3) have limited telnet command experience

Question: I would like to command down on a 4507 R+ E network Cisco switch via telnet to a specific port and be able to see the ip address that port is using. Is this possible? In my internet research, didn't find anything related to what I'm looking for but found that there are thousands of commands to use for the Cisco 4507 R+E switch but I don't know where to begin in getting the information I'm looking for. This is as far as I get (command wise) on the switch via telnet. I know what vlan and port I'm trying to get ip information I want. See below:

switch# show vlan

switch# show int vlan 1

switch# show cdp ne detail (this gives the information I'm looking for but only about the switch not for a port)

Thanks in advance for your any responses .....
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Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
If you want to look at a specific physical interface, you can do "show running-config interface x" where "x" is the interface name. The interface will either be running in a routed mode or a switched mode. If it is in routed mode, there will be a "no switchport" command an an "ip address" command that will tell you the address in use. If it is in switched mode, there will not be a "no switchport" line in the interface configuration. It will be operating on a VLAN, so you need to find out which VLAN it's using in order to get the address in use. Look for a "switchport access vlan" command or a "switchport trunk native vlan" command. If either exist, then you can check the interface configuration for that VLAN to get the address. If neither exist, the port will likely be on VLAN 1,  so you can check its configuration to get the address.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
If a port is a member of a VLAN, it won't have an IP address assigned to it.

"show interface x/y switchport" will provide the basic information on a port.  Another good command is "show int status" and "show ip interface brief".

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jslaughtAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses. Per my original comment above, I know for sure the port is in Vlan 1 and I know for sure what the port # is.

@ Jody Lemoine -  where can I find the interface name in order to run the "show running-config interface x" command?

@ Don Johnston - Before I submitted my question on this site, I tried numerous commands that still did not provide me the ip information I'm looking for. One of the commands I tried was "show ip interface brief" and you are right it does not display a IP address. Per your suggestion above, I've done the "show interface x/y switchport", the "show int status" and the "show ip interface brief" commands and neither one still do not show me an ip address for a specific port. So does this mean that it's impossible to get the ip information through command line via telnet?
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Like I already stated, if the port is a member of a VLAN, it will not have an IP address assigned to it.

Now if you want to know what IP address is assigned to the VLAN 1 SVI, the "show ip int brief" will display that. Just look for the interface "VLAN 1".
jslaughtAuthor Commented:
Well the port is definitely apart of a VLAN and you have verified that there is no luck with getting the IP address for any of them via telnet. Thanks!
Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
The interface name will be in the format of FastEthernet (or GigabitEthernet, depending on the speed) module/port. So if it's a Gigabit Ethernet interface on module 4, port 10, the interface name will be GigabitEthernet4/10.
jslaughtAuthor Commented:
Not the answer I was looking for but the expert confirmed what I was trying to do is not possible at this time.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
the expert confirmed what I was trying to do is not possible at this time.

It's actually never going to be possible. A layer 2 interface can not have a layer 3 address.
Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
The L2 interface will inherit the L3 information from the VLAN interface that it is associated with. It just won't be dedicated to that physical interface.
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