PowerPoint 2010 Alignment Issue

We are currently using Office 2010 on all of our computers. All users create PowerPoint documents and share them with one another. The documents show up correctly on three of the four PC's. On the PC that is having the problem the text will not align with the text box, it will fall out of the bottom or overlap words. I have attempted changing printer drivers, checking if they're using different fonts and repairing the office installation. I'm not sure what else I can check that would resolve this issue. Any input would be greatly appreciated. All other documents such as Word and Excel function properly.
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Jamie GarrochSenior Technical Consultant at BrightCarbonCommented:
Would it be possible to post a screenshot showing the offending behaviour with the home tab selected and the format dialogue as show?

PowerPoint 2010 text box format properties
Wow, this is the 2nd report I've seen about this recently, and it seems the typical fixes (which you list) aren't working.

What is the problem font?

Can you post a couple of slides that show the problem there? I'd like to see if I can get anything to repro here.

Also, when you changed printer drivers, what driver did you use, and did you set that as the default printer?
TechGuy_007Author Commented:
Attached are two images. How it should look aligned in the box and how it looks when the file is opened on the problem computer.
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Thanks for that; it's very helpful! Doesn't seem to be a font replacement issue, so I'll ask again about when you changed printer drivers, which one did you use and did you set it as the default printer?
TechGuy_007Author Commented:
It was a Xerox printer originally. I then changed it to the same default printer that everybody else was using which is a Kyocera CS-4050.
Could you try the driver listed in that FAQ? You need to use a known good driver as the test.
TechGuy_007Author Commented:
Which FAQ are you referring to? Do you have a link? I will try it ASAP.
Apologies -- I got this mixed up with another thread where I'd already posted that link! Here's the FAQ I'm referring to: http://www.pptfaq.com/FAQ00952_How_to_install_a_TEST_printer_driver.htm

I know it seems bizarre that the Kyocera that's working for everyone else could still cause this issue for your one user, but stranger things have happened. ;-) Try the known good driver as a local driver and set it as default printer.
TechGuy_007Author Commented:
I tried that with PCL5, PCL5, and PS drivers with no luck. I have also uploaded a screenshot of the text formatting.
ahhhh, crud. I was so hoping that would take care of it. I'll ping a couple of others and see if they have ideas.
Okay, I've posted on a private distro list of PPT experts to see if anyone has any additional thoughts.

I had one as I was typing this up. What font is in use here? It doesn't look like a font replacement issue to me, but I'm wondering if the font is having issues. Re-installing it is worth a try.
Also, is the user who's having issues pasting the problem slide into another deck, or is she just opening an existing deck and seeing these word wrap issues? Any chance you could post a PPTX with the problem slide? (I don't think we would need the entire presentation -- just a slide or two that exhibit problems.)
Yeah, we definitely would need to see the slide -- I have a feeling this is happening after a copy/paste and not just when they open the file and view it in slide show view.

One possibility is that the box in question is a placeholder that's going back to its original settings when the slide layout is getting reset for some reason. Another is that the user is pasting slides from one deck to another, and the other deck is a different size (even if it's the same dimension).

Lots of possibilities; hard to say for sure.

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TechGuy_007Author Commented:
I will see what I can get for an example as it has some sensitive information. It is when they open a document that has already been created. I appreciate all of the help so far!
Cool. If you want to put in dummy text, that's fine -- as long those slides still exhibit the same behavior on the user's system after the text is replaced.
Miguel MonteiroPresentations Master DesignerCommented:
Can't it be a font issue like, the problem computer having a font that seems to be the same but in fact is not?
That deformating issue in a PPT, already happened to me with an OTF being automaticaly replaced by a TTF with the same name, in a second computer...
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