Search and replace text in documents using wildcard

I have hundreds of html pages with tags that I need to get rid of. I can go thru each page and remove but that would take a very long time. Is there a way to use a wildcard to search and remove these tags? I've used the following when I know what the text is:

fileReader = My.Computer.FileSystem.ReadAllText("C:\Documents\Working\Content\" & strTag & "\" & strFile).Replace("<img src=""""*.jpg", strTag & "-" & strPhotoNum & ".jpg")

My.Computer.FileSystem.WriteAllText("C:\Documents\Working\Content\" & strTag & "\" & strFile, fileReader, False)

Can Regex be used to do this? if so can you point me to example?
Using VB.NET 2010
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Brian PringleSystems Analyst II, SCM, ERPCommented:
I use Notepad++ ( to do this.  Open all of the documents and then do "Find and Replace" (Ctrl+H).  It will allow you to find and replace among all of the documents that are open.
MadIceAuthor Commented:
I'll have to try that at home. I'll get back tomorrow.
        Dim jpgPattern = "(<img .+?src\s*=\s*[""'])(.*?.jpg)(['""].+?/>)"
        Dim testString = "some html text <img class=""someclass"" id='1' src='test.jpg' /> rest of html <img class=""someclass"" id='2' src = 'subfolder/test2.jpg' />"
        Dim regex = New System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex(jpgPattern)
        MessageBox.Show(regex.Replace(testString, "$1New.jpg$3"))

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Terry WoodsIT GuruCommented:
Notepad++ allows you to find and replace by regex too... I second the idea that it's an appropriate tool for the job.
BTW, Total Commander as well as some other console-like apps ( including famous FAR) allow regex too ... :)
MadIceAuthor Commented:

Tried notepad ++ and home and was able to do what I needed using regex. Wasn't familiar with Notepad ++ or regex. I'm have software that has the regex feature already. Thanks for the info. Thanks to everyone else as well.
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