convert 'time' to am\pm sql server 2014

Hi Guys
i am trying to convert the Time data type to show Am\PM, i found some solutions on the net Ex.
CONVERT(VARCHAR(5), TripTime, 108) + ' ' + RIGHT(CONVERT(VARCHAR(30), TripTime, 9),2) 

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 But this returns the Time on 24 hour format and adding a trailing AM\Pm (21:00 PM)

Any help would be appreciated
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yidel718Author Commented:
as i am new to SQL server i were just about to make my research and by the end i have changed 'Time' to 'Date\Time' and MY problem solved (Explanation: MS Access looks at the 'Time' data type as it would've be a 'String' that's why it's hard to deal with it, so not using the 'Time' Data type is obviously the only solution)
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
I'm sorry I can't help but I do suggest you add some topics to your questions, may I suggest either and/or  Windows Batch, VB Script, scripting languages so you can get your question to users that are experts in this. And since this is a SQL scripting question you may want to add the SQL topic area
yidel718Author Commented:
as explained
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