ef 6 and parameterized stored procedures

I am new to entity framework and need some help with stored procs.  can anyone show me or point me to a tutorial that shows how to use ef 6 to create a model that uses parameterized stored procs and get the results into a view?

I have a stored proc that takes 3 input parameters and returns a result set built from 2 different tables.  this is what I want to call in a view.
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Ioannis ParaskevopoulosCommented:

First of all you would need to create a model that would fit the results of your stored procedure.

For instance let's say that the stored procedure would return an id and a name. You would have to create a model (a class):

public class MySPModel
    public int id {get;set;}
    public string name {get;set;}

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Now you may use a method in your datacontext.DataBase that enables you to run custom queries. Custom queries van be whatever you would write on an SSMS query window. A simple sql query, or exec a stored procedure.

For this do the following in your controller:

public ActionResult Index(int id)
    var idParam = new SqlParameter
        ParameterName = "id",
        Value = id
    var results = datacontext.DataBase.SqlQuery<MySPModel>("dbo.myStoredProcedureName @id", idParam).ToList();

    return View(results);

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Now add a view:

@model List<MySPModel>

@foreach(var model in Model)

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As you can understand my example only uses one param, but likewise you can add the other two. If your stored procedure returns from a specific table (lets call it simply TableName) then you could miss the creation of the model as it is already in your edml. so you could call the SqlQuery as:

var results = datacontext.DataBase.SqlQuery<TableName>("dbo.myStoredProcedureName @id", idParam).ToList();

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Hope it helps,


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Bob LearnedCommented:
There is a way to generate the code from the context designer:

Calling Stored Procedures from Entity Framework

The easiest way to work with stored procedures that perform an update is to use the EF Designer...
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