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Self hosted software like LogMeIn???

Hey guys, my Google Fu is just about spent and hoping some of y'all have looked for such or are using a solution. We are looking for a self hosted solution like LogMeIn. Needs to have unattended capabilities and prefer the the ability to reboot computers into safe mode if need be. I ran across Guacamole at guac-dev.org and it seems interesting, but it looks to be more of an intranet deal and not remote access.

Thanks in advance!
Josh Garrett
Josh Garrett
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JonathanSpitfireSenior Solutions EngineerCommented:
I know they are not full fledged replacements for logmein, however have you looked into VNC?




I used the original VNC about 15 years ago, and then support by AT&T Labs in Cambridge was discontinued. RealVNC was spun from that, and that's what we used up to when I left my last job 4 years ago.
Josh GarrettNerdAuthor Commented:
I need remote access without VPN requirement or VNC would be perfect for my needs.
JonathanSpitfireSenior Solutions EngineerCommented:
You did not mention a price/budget constraint.....

I believe showmypc would do the trick, but it isn't free:


You could use the native RDP, assuming you're using Windows, however that requires opening up a port, and not the best security-wise.

Here are some other options as well:


Hope this helps!

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Teamviewer is what we use.

Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
I believe Bomgar Appliance does what you need, as it's the version that's not hosted by Bomgar.

Reboot into safe mode with networking. VPN is not required.

In any event, here is a fairly comprehensive list of remote desktop applications.

Also, to your idea of using Guac. Maybe combined with something like Shellinabox it would work for you?
Josh GarrettNerdAuthor Commented:
Bomgar definitely seems like the route we will need to go.
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