ETL Sql Server OLE Source displays preview data - but exports nothing

I have a huge involved query - with lots of temp tables ect. At the end I do a Select * from temptable and it displays data.
This query work in SSMS and when I paste it into a OLE Source - it returns the proper rows when I do a preview.
But, when I place it pointing to a destination - database - flat file it returns nothing. Any thoughts?
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ralphp1355Author Commented:
I used a Common table expression query and put it into an ETL package - it would not work within VS VB 2010
Eugene ZCommented:
please provide additional details ( more is better) and any related errors.
for start:
"flat file it returns nothing."  - you may need to check if your process is using UNC path to this file
\\servername\share and appropriate permissions to access\write to this file
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
ralphp1355, if you want us to help you please provide the requested details.
ralphp1355Author Commented:
Because your experts could not solve it - I get more answers from stackoverflow.
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