photos- 1000s - does that slow the pc? what is best standard for home pc

There are close to 2000 pictures now on the home PC. It consumes 75GB.

The C drive (1TB) is 200GB full now. C:\windows folder is 30GB .

Is the sheer number of pictures a possible reason to slow down the PC?
what is the best standard for home PC with lots and lots of pictures continually loaded?

If all these pictures are shifted to an external drive, will that help with overall performance for the rest of the PC operation?

thanks for any ideas on this.
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The number of photos you have won't slow your computer down. Every time you install a new program, it takes resources on your hard drive, extra entries in your registry, and all too often new programs are loaded at startup. Also updates from Microsoft and other companies like Adobe, your antivirus software, and other programs like Firefox can cause clutter and software to grow, often replacing existing files. Disk fragmentation, installing and uninstalling applications leaves clutter around the windows file system and registry. You may also find that new software and newer versions of current software are installed that are designed for faster processors can make things look slower.
The solution? Back up the data that you care about, and do a full re-installation of your Windows system and just bring back the applications and data that you need and you will see things become a lot faster.

And another thought on why your computer has slowed down: your own personal perception of speed. For example I work on a new computer with lots of memory and a very fast processor. When I get home and jump on my 2 year old computer that has far less memory and a lesser class of processor, of course it feels slow.
Also the more proficient you get in using your software, the more it seems like the computer has slowed down
Did slowness occur overtime?
If it's all of a sudden, check for malware. See What is Malware?. See text "Just because your computer has slowed down do not jump to the conclusion that you have malware..."

- Moving the pics to the external drive should help.
- Also check your C: drive for other files that may be consuming space. Use something like WinDirStat
- Also periodically clean your %temp% folder with something like CCleaner
Adding photos ti your Disk, or videos or any other big files for that matter should never affect the speed of your computer. Unless you are storing them in your windows folder and even the the effect shouldn't be that bad.

It's good to transfer to external drive or even to the same drive but different partition.
Anyway if at all times you have free disk space available for windows that is at least double the size of your RAM then you shouldn't be having slow performance issues.

So your computer might be slowing down for other reasons such as spy ware or viruses. Open task manager and check which program consumes the most of RAM and CPU when computer is slow, do install and update Antivirus and anti spy like: superantispyware.

best of luck!
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
No -- how many pictures you have doesn't have any impact on the speed of the PC EXCEPT when you go to the folder containing the pictures with Windows Explorer -- if you have thumbnails enabled it will take it a while to build all the thumbnails.

But they won't have any impact at all on the general operations of the PC.

FWIW I have over 15,000 photos on my PC :-)
since the photo's in general do not change over time, i suggest always to back them up to another disk, or other media
you can do this per year, or per subject as you like
that will not only speed up the PC when accessing the pictore folders, but gives you a good backup
25112Author Commented:
helpful guidelines- thank you.
Thanks for the update, 25112. Glad you found it useful...
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