IT Induction Documents.

Dear Experts,

I am looking for IT Induction Documents.
like email induction document, vpn induction document, printing induction document etc.
Please need help.
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nainasipraAuthor Commented:
I have downloaded some PPT slides, from where I got good idea.
thanks for support
Scott ThomsonCommented:
Hi nainasipra,

First i guess we need to know exactly what documents you do need.
Second are you asking to see if there is a location you can get these or if anyone has any laying around?

These will need to be heavily modified in order to suit your business.. EG operating system, drives, techniques

A little more information if you please.

A Good idea when someone wants something is this. As IT i have always been told to ask the user what is their goal not what do they want.
So if you can explain your issue and where you are looking to end up then we can suggest many different solutions. If you say you want just 1 thing thats all you will get. And sometimes we have some great ideas that you may miss

nainasipraAuthor Commented:
Dear Scott,

I want to prepare Induction documents for IT related services,
suppose Email Induction:
Purpose and Use of Email in the Company then How an employee can apply for email etc.
a short induction document for IT related services.

Scott ThomsonCommented:
I would probably say the best option is to write it manually. If you want to submit it attached here we could certainly give you some pointers?
nainasipraAuthor Commented:
no answer was helpful
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