a problem with a dlookup that use a like ceriteria on access 2013


i want to use a dlookup to get a value with a like ceriteria, but i'm getting an error is some one know what is the problem with the sytax:

 DLookUp("price","ReportT","notes like "*a sample value*") 

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MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
Can you upload the db with all your data removed and only that part you need?
And explain which data to be pulled/displayed
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Try with a pair of single quotes:

DLookUp("price","ReportT","[notes] Like '*a sample value*'")


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It doesn't make sense to use DLookup() with Like *.  DLookup() will bring back only one value and if there are multiple matches to the criteria, what you get will be random.
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Also let's be clear that if: "Report", ...is an actual "Report" object  (and not simply a poorly named Table), ...that you cannot even use Dlookup on a Report Field...

Also note that Dlookup will only find the "First" matching record, ...so if more than one record contains "*a sample value*", then dlookup will only display the first one it finds, ...
So we need to be clear on if you are simply trying to lookup one record value (what dlookup up is designed to do, by finding only the *First* match))
...Or are you trying to Filter for all Notes  that contain "*a sample value*"? (Filtering)

then I am sure any of us can assist...

bill201Author Commented:
thanks for every one for your excellent answers, I really apologize for my late reply.

 I'll be honest with you why i respond some times Much later after I got the answers,  English is not my mother language, and I have difficulty to express themselves properly in English, (i use alot google translate but not always it's good enough) on the other hand, I feel obliged to admit and treat all who responded and tried to help me, it takes me a while, any way thanks alot dear people.

MAS: You're right, but I have database sensitive data so I prefer not to Upload the data if it's not Necessary.
Gustav Brock:Thanks for your excellent answer that solved the problem.
PatH Hartman: thanks for your comment, You're absolutely right, it's my typing mistake it's was s dsum and not dlookup.
Jeffrey Coachman: thanks for your excellent explanation, but like i said before it's was just a typing mistake and i need a dsum and not a dlookup.
MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
Glad to know you got a solution
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