problem with delivery in emails

i have office 365 mail.i have a system of ticketing from another company that sends the confirmation email .i have updated their ip adress in spf .The problem is that when a client buys a ticket and it is supposed to send him the confirmation emails nothing happens.We tested and the email works only for gmail .In outlook account and hotmail nothing is delivered.also in one of gmail account that it was delivered the message was delivred as spam....Does anyone have any idea what i have to check???i am really confused....
Mark SoultchAsked:
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If you updated an existing SPF record it may take up to 3 days for that information to be synchronized across the internet due to DNS servers caching the spf record if it had been previously used with the time frame of the expiration of the ttl and the change of the record.

In other words; patience Padawan... ;)
Mark SoultchAuthor Commented:
no i havent sent an has been updated a month ago...
Just to be sure, can you post your spf record ? Make the IP address or hostname like xxx and yyy and tell us more about xxx and yyy without giving away too much details.
Also, can you get a full record from the email conversation, or at least some kind of error message on the ticketing system that's sending the email? It will provide more information why the email was rejected EXACTLY. This information is available at the "other company" you mentioned (they actually should have found out the exact cause by now, if you pay them for this service, and you already asked them to look into this problem).
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Mark SoultchAuthor Commented:
v=spf1 +a +mx  ip4:xx.xx.xx.xx ip4:xx.xx.xx.xx ip4:xx.xx.xx.xx ip4:xx.xx.xx.xx -all
Assuming you checked the "other company"'s hostname or IP number is there, you're left with the last option I told you about, the "other company" has to check the logs, or exact email conversations of your tickets/confirmations going out.
Mark SoultchAuthor Commented:
yes the tickets are going out of their server and mails in log comes in server and delivered to appropiate email.The problem is that the person who is supposed to be delivered the exact email never shows in inbox.for, only for the moment they are delivered to gmail accounts.
It doesn't matter if the person doesn't get the email. You need more info on the OUTGOING server, either the logs or the email conversations. That's because emails never get "lost", even if the email doesn't arrive. The mail will have a proper error code why the mail wasn't accepted (by for example By looking at these errors, you will be able to figure out why it was rejected, and maybe even have a solution for it (depending on the rejection reason).
Again, you need to contect the IT admin at the "other company" and explain you need more information on the outgoing confirmations, and why these mails fail.
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Best thing to do is get a trace on recipient's side. And if possible, get all the relevant information for analysis (headers and stuff). And on EOP side (the Exchange Admin Center -> Mail flow).

As for verifying the SPF, you can use this tool:

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Mark SoultchAuthor Commented:
Recipient: ********
Message size: 56 KB
Message ID: ******MAIL_**_****
To IP:  
From IP: **.**.**.139
Delivery status: Expanded

this is what i get to log of office 365
You need a log from the OUTGOING email server to Yahoo (or other domain where the notification does not arrive).
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