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Hi All:

I have a godaddy hosting account under windows shared hosting.  It seems like every other week my site goes down for a few hours during business hours through causes that are outside my site.  My site contains hundreds of pages written in classic ASP using SQL Server and its up-status is critical because of client-accessible data.  The site works fine when it is up and running.   A comment I've heard a few times from GD tech support is that windows shared hosting is an aging platform and I would be better served by switching to plesk, with which I had a bad experience in the past.  Of course they will offer no guarantee that the plesk environment would be more stable.  VPS is not a financially viable option at this time.

I've been considering trying the different environment and porting the site over to PHP, but I was curious to see if anyone here has any suggestions about a good solution path.
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MikeIT ManagerCommented:
I'm surprised by your experience with GoDaddy's WIndows Shared Hosting.  I worked for 2 companies in the past who have used that some hositng option and our uptime was incredible.  

The only other company I've worked with was 1&1 and they were reliable.

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
causes that are outside my site
If they are outside your site, how do you expect to fix them?  In general, you can't fix something that you don't have access to.  You have to at least know what the causes are before you can fix them.  ??
RustyRazorAuthor Commented:
I wasn't inquiring as to how I can fix them.  Please read my question again.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Why would you ask if you don't want to "fix them"?  Please read my answer again and realize that changing environment won't change the problems if they are caused by external conditions.  I have a number of sites on Godaddy, both Windows and Linux, without many problems and certainly not the downtime issues you mention.  The comment about "windows shared hosting is an aging platform" is nonsense.  Maybe the version you are on is an older offering but code doesn't age like cheese.  I have computer programs from 1991 that are still making me money because they still do the same work they always did.
RustyRazorAuthor Commented:
The main crux of my question was whether switching to plesk and/or php might prove to be a more stable environment.  The external conditions I refer to are basically other lunkheads sharing the server I'm on doing stuff that causes to whole server to go down.
If those other lunkheads do this regularly, you should be able to get your provider to move you (or them) so that you get the service you're contracting for. If they are the problem, the only way changing your software configuration is going to help you is if it causes your instance to be moved to a different server away from any lunkheads.
RustyRazorAuthor Commented:
Sounds all well and good, but if you read their terms of service, they're not responsible for anything.  I could be paying 10x what I pay monthly now and they wouldn't care if I took my business elsewhere.  Besides, I'm sure that actual downtime is under 1%, so I can't see them as a solution provider in this case.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I was wondering if it was the "other lunkheads" problem.  Tell them you want to move to a different server.  They have offered to move my site before.  No, they don't really care if you go somewhere else, they do host over a million websites... but they would prefer that you were happy with Godaddy rather than talking bad about them.  Ask them about moving.
RustyRazorAuthor Commented:
My concern is that moving to a new environment or even a new server will result is site downtime while I would have to sort any moving consequences out (downtime for me as well).  I was trying to get a sense here as to whether plesk is a worthy consideration or if I will simply be entering a new pool with a new group of lunkheads...
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
if I will simply be entering a new pool with a new group of lunkheads...
Unfortunately... you never know until After you move.
RustyRazorAuthor Commented:
well I'm moving so we'll see how it goes...
if you aren't happy with the service given you should move.. and testing the environment should be easy enough.. you will have some downtime since you'd be moving databases and you don't want applications running during.. but you can schedule that in off hours.

To minimize risk and downtime i would start with making a local working copy of your site.
that way you know how much work and effort it is to get the site running on a different system and you know if there's any crazy hardcoded code that will break with moving.

Personally i'd go back to GD although you are on a shared environment you are still entitled to support and service.. and the answer that their infrastructure is aging is not an answer.

although i've never worked with plesk i've heard and read good stories about it and i personally would consider moving to a different provider if GD is giving you this kind of service.

based on the answer GD gives you and the results of moving the site to a local test environment should give you what you need to make a decision.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
I agree with Dave on this one.
Ask to be changed over to a new server.
In most cases, they will test it out before switching the information over to point to the new server.
In most cases, it takes so little time to switch over, that you will never notice anything has changed.

I am with IX, and they had to swap me over, and when they did.
I was on chat with them, they let me know when it was being done and after it was completed.
I just opened a new browser user, and loaded the page with no cache, and everything ran flawlessly.
It took about 3 minutes total.

Give them a call, ask to be moved.
If that does not solve your issue, then check out IX, they are one of the largest and growing rapidly.

Good Luck
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