Get exitcode for executable launched from a custom action in Installshield

I am working on an install shield basic msi project. Its patch package which gets installed over main product. I have created a custom action which installs .NET framework 4.5.2 on client machine. I would like to get exit code from this installation which I can use for further processing.

My custom action details are as seen below :

Screenshot of custom action
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Vadim RappCommented:
See article "Custom Action Return Processing Options" at MSDN.

That said:

1. things like .Net framework should be installed as prerequisites, that's what prerequisites are for.

2. They should be installed before the main installation, if the product depends on them.

3. In fact, they better not be installed by the installation at all, which is what Microsoft is doing with their own products: if framework is required but not found, the user sees error message with instructions on how to obtain it. The main reason is that this allows to download the latest current version of the framework at the time, without the need to redistribute the main installation.
GrahamPemberyAuthor Commented:
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