Input signal out of range

Dual Monitor system with 8.1

"Input signal out of range
Current settings:
H=67 KHz
V=49 KHz
Reset to 1980x1080 60 Hz"

After about a minute, the system boots.
Windows 8.1

This warning show up when first booted, before anything, on one monitor.
Both monitors are already set at the recommended "1920X1080 60 Hz"
HP 23tm and AOC 2343

I'm in the middle of trouble shooting a different problem, (No boot when external USB HDD plugged.) and I may have accidently hit something but I don't know what.

PS:Can't select topics
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cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
Never had a serious boot problem.
All of a sudden, PC would not boot with the Seagate Ext HD I use for 8.1 File History plugged in.
Found it 2 days ago when scheduled 2am boot didn't work.

I would not be concerned with the "Input signal " error if I could have my scheduled 2am boot. with Ext drive plugged in.
Re: that problem, I think it would be better to close this out and work on the main boot problem.
Which I should post in a new Topic.
You mention that the message comes up on just one monitor.  Do you see anything on the other monitor?  Specifically, do you see the manufacturer's splash screen (typically seen before Windows starts to boot)?

I'm guessing that the motherboard initializes what it considers to be the primary display and has the odd settings for the other.

Is it really saying "V=49 KHz" or is it"V=49 Hz"?
cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
Sorry, my bad:    V=49Hz

The message comes up almost immediately on the HP while the other remains black.
There's no mfg splash screen. My own build.
What had normally showed up was the Mobo MSI Bios screen, only for a second or 2.
That doesn't appear now.
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If this is the only symptom, then I'd not be concerned.

The BIOS screen is often missed as the monitor may be too slow to come out of sleep and to sync.  If you can set the BIOS to display more information (which should take longer) you may be able to see it.

Is this a change from how it used to work?
cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
Changed Q verbiage and created new post
I've not seen the new post but have a comment on the boot issue.  I've run into this before when adding an external hard drive.  I'd check the BIOS to ensure that it isn't trying to boot from the USB drive first.  I usually disable booting from USB altogether to avoid this.  If I need to boot from a USB stick, for example, I'll change the BIOS to allow it at that time.
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