Outlook 2007 not showing all exchange mailbox folders?

A customer has a laptop and a PC, both connected to an Exchange mailbox (Exchange 2008 & Outlook 2007).

On the PC, phone, iPad and OWA etc there is a folder in the mailbox (e.g. accounts), but on the laptop it is not there.

Outlook reports that all folders are up to date etc, and updates all other folders with an issue - this folder is simply not there on the laptop?

This folder is updated regularly on the other devices?

Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance...
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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Any customer that tells you that they NEED a 60Gb+ mailbox cached either does not understand what a mail server is for OR needs a training course and not an IT consultant.

Sometimes the BEST fix for your customers is NOT to try and solve what they say is the problem but to educate them into understanding that don't dig BIG holes with a silver spoon!

So many business people seem to think that exchange is a bottomless pit of FILE storage and NOT an email system.
The first diagnostic step I would try would be to recreate the Outlook profile. Corrupt Outlook profiles can cause all manner of weird behaviour and it's an easy step to eliminate a fairly common cause of Outlook issues.
hcittechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment...

That's a little easier said than done - we can recreate the profile, but the laptop is mostly offsite and connected via a VPN, with a mailbox size (OST size) of nearly 60gb (the limits have been increased).

I know that might eliminate the profile or OST as the cause, but its a painful step if not - my hope is that I was missing something silly and could somehow force an update or indexing of the folders somehow?

Thanks again
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With an OST size of 60GB I wouldn't be even slightly surprised if it had become corrupt. I would try switching to online mode first as a test. If this shows the folder then I would switch back to cached mode, rename the OST and restart Outlook.

I know it's probably not the ideal solution, but in my opinion it's he most likely one. You could waste days or weeks looking into server side issues when 99% of the time problems like this are client side.
hcittechAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks...

It'll have to wait a while as he won't be in the office (or anywhere where with a reliable internet connection) for a while so updating the new OST would simply take weeks - meaning all the files are unavailable.
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
You could try flushing out the cache.

Here is an article I composed a long time ago:  Outlook Cache Cleanup

Basically it flushes out all the garbage.  Also you can check to see if anything is hidden when in outlook hit ctrl + 6.  This will display folder list to see if its hiding somewhere.  Otherwise if that fails I would attempt to re-create the profile as recommended by Chris.
hcittechAuthor Commented:
Thank you - I'll have a look over the next few days...
hcittechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your assistance - we rebuilt the OST in the end (problem solved)
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