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I want to see what my Business Page looks like to others but I don't have a gear or an ellipsis to click on to access View As.  How can I see what it is going to look like as I edit the page?
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Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
"View As" isn't available on FB Pages. The easiest way to go about viewing your page as the Public is to open your page in an Private/Incognito browser tab that isn't logged into Facebook.

Your page is visible to everyone by default by being published. The alternative is to Unpublish the page, whereupon it is no longer visible to anyone.

You can restrict your posts by "Location / Language" (see visibility here) so that certain posts are/aren't visible to people based on their location or language. If you aren't enabling this restriction on each post, then every person is seeing the same thing in your feed.

If you wanted to test this, you'd need to setup a profile for the Location/Language you wish to test with, then view your page.
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